1) Culture and Knowledge in Performing Arts

The main axis of the research line is the theoretical-practical and methodological reflection of aspects related to the presence of cultural manifestations in the Performing Arts and the production of knowledge in the area. The research line prioritizes studies on the constitutive elements of the Performing Arts in traditional and contemporary expressive manifestations, and may involve and discuss different genres, ethnicities and/or historical periods. The line also includes investigations on the construction of knowledge and specific knowledge of the Performing Arts, both in formal educational institutions and in non-formal environments. Too are investigation focuses, strategies that promote the expansion and/or development of the area of theatre pedagogy; interfaces and dialogues of the Performing Arts with Anthropology, Sociology, History, Education, Cinema, Visual Arts and Literature; research methods and creative processes attending artists, teachers, professors and researchers from interdisciplinary fields.

Professors of the line: Elisabeth Silva Lopes, Elizângela Carrijo, Emerson de Paula Silva, Fabiana Lazzari de Oliveira, Gilberto Icle, Graça Veloso, Izabela Costa Brochado, Jonas Sales, Luciana da Costa Dias, Luciana Hartmann, Rafael Litvin Vilas Boas, Renata de Lima Silva, Roberta Kumasaka Matsumoto.   


2) Compositional Processes for the Scene

The main axis of the research line is the field of practices, processes and methodologies for the scene. The line encompasses methodological and procedural pluralism and hybridism of compositional aspects such as: training, acting, creation, dramaturgy, direction, staging, aesthetic modes of production and reception. The line includes the analysis of creative processes carried out or in progress, as well as the proposition and laboratory research of new processes. Therefore, it is configured as a space for conceptualization, discussion, investigation, problematization and systematization of skills, knowledge and practices involved in the composition, realization and reception of scenic works in their various modalities and with an interdisciplinary focus. Related areas of concentration: Music, Dance, Communication, Visual Arts, Cinema, Video, Literature, Philosophy, History.

Professors of the line: Alice Stefânia Curi, Alisson Araújo de Almeida, César Lignelli, Érico JosÉ, José Jackson Silva, Marcus Santos Mota, Maria Beatriz de Medeiros, Nitza Tenenblat, Rita de Cássia de Almeida Castro, Sulian Vieira Pacheco, Tiago Elias Mundim.